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Join us for Introduction to Sidecar Health

American Central Marketing Group would like to invite you to our weekly zoom training every Tuesday and Thursday from 11am 12pm (EDT) 

❗️Incredible new fixed indemnity health plan from Sidecar Health is now available in AL, AR, FL, GA, IN, KY, NC, SC, OK, TN, and TX (OH, AZ, CA, MD, MS, and UT soon to come). This fixed indemnity health plan is taking health insurance to the next level!

Company: Sidecar Health 

Unique Plan Features:

- No deductibles

- No coinsurance 

- No network limitations

- No limit on benefits 

- 170,000 CPT codes covered

- PREGNANCY/MATERNITY covered in TX (other states to follow soon)❗️

- Price & coverage transparency (clients will know exactly how much their provider will charge and what Sidecar covers BEFORE hand)

- 40% lower than ACA

- Backed by A+ rated companies

This is a fantastic opportunity and recommend you get contracted and join a free training (see below) ⬇️

Click the following link to join our weekly zoom product training on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 11am 12pm (EDT):

Any questions please reach out:

Call: 201-637-9088 

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